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Civil Law

Civil Law is a type of legal field that typically addresses nonviolent circumstances and events that are perceived as presumable wrongs suffered between two parties. Civil law, in the most basic of contexts, is applied to non-criminal matters to legally resolve an underlying issue. A few of the types of cases that our law office handles on a regular basis are: Landlord tenant actions, contractual disputes, construction law, and collections.

Family Law

Family law with Chad R. Davis encompasses adoption, child custody and visitation, custody modifications, child support, and property rights.

Divorce Law

Chad R. Davis represents individuals in divorces, legal separations, proceedings to modify prior divorce judgments and child support collection matters.
Because each case is unique in nature, Chad strives to help you gain an understanding of the law and how to set a legal and effective course of action for you and your family’s future.

Criminal Law

Criminal cases are charges pursued by prosecutors for violations of criminal statues. A few of the types of criminal law cases that our office handles are: Drug Possession, assaults, alcohol related offenses, including DWI’s, as well as other traffic related offenses.